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 Mission & Vision

"There's nothing else like this!"

Bluelaces Theater Company creates immersive, multi-sensory theater specifically designed for audiences with autism and other developmental disabilities. We encourage sensory and social play through inclusive environments that challenge theatrical convention.
Our Vision:

Bluelaces seasons feature original staged performances, drama workshops, and summer camp. Our programming provides opportunities for individualized interaction and flexible participation. Bluelaces’ audience members and their caregivers experience art in a way that allows them to express their authentic selves in a celebratory, nonjudgmental, safe space. Our programming is both artistically and economically accessible.

Bluelaces strives to enrich the lives of our participating audiences, their families, and caregivers, strengthening bonds through communal experiences and access to the arts. Our goal is to be leaders in our industry and ultimately change the landscape of the existing theater community.

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