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You say it best.


My son got a chance to be himself with no judgments, no nasty stares/comments. I got a chance to relax and really enjoy a show with him. We didn't feel like outsiders; we were the normal ones that Saturday.

- Parent, Out There!

It's an incredible gift to watch our children experience the magic of theater and story using the very things that trigger their experiences in the world— to see my son in an environment that isn't asking him to adapt, but instead says, "We get you, come along and have some fun today!"

- Parent, Out There!

A big THANK YOU to everyone at Bluelaces who made our 2 fun mornings of drama workshops possible. You gave 72 high school students a wonderful new experience! The energy of your workshop leaders was contagious... [M]any of our students have difficulty expressing emotion, but during our "space adventure" most had big smiles on their faces! It was wonderful to see them so engaged and able to express their delight in a way that is too often difficult for them. We hope you have time to visit some of our classes in other schools next year!

- Tina Boscarino, MS, ATR; Creative Arts Support Program Lead Teacher, Jersey City Public Schools

This was really our ONLY theater experience with our sons. It was FANTASTIC!

- Parent, SUDS

Bluelaces is amazing! This has changed the way my son responds to theater, and changed the way I respond to him. I always tear up to see the way he is drawn out of his own world, and he eagerly responds and participates in a way that we don't see at home very often.

- Parent, ​All Aboard!

[My son] enjoyed the ability to be up and involved in the action. Often if we go to shows he is required to sit and observe, not actually participate... Shows not designed for this population often have bright lights, loud music and required him to sit still which is not natural for [my son]. He likes to move around, touch things and ask A LOT of questions. [Bluelaces] was encouraging and interactive with all of the kids. It was fun and we absolutely will return. Thank you!

- Parent, All Aboard!

As a teacher of students with severe and complex needs it is not often that people "get" my students. So many are unsure how to interact and engage with them...It brought a tear to my eye (and my staff) to see them all so happy and so willing to participate with individuals that had just met them. I still am so overwhelmed with happiness thinking about it.

- Katie Norregaard; Lower School Teacher, Cotting School

... [T]he actors took many of their ideas directly from the children themselves. The Adventure Guides worked 1-on-1 with each child, so everyone's unique, individual needs were met... I had tears in my eyes as my 8 y.o. said "I wish we could do stuff like this!"

- Parent, Out There!

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